Methodist High School has always been a competitive arena. From the very early times to the present day there were and are competitions and sports and games, in literary and scientific activities, in cultural and social activities and in plain old G.K. quizzing.


In 1941, G.H.S. held its first annual sports. The boys and girls were divided up into 3 houses Warne, Cooper and Thoburn. The events were carried over a few weeks. To identify the house the competitors wore arm bands- Warne (White), Cooper (Blue) and Thoburn (Red). During the war years children were transferred from Eastern India for safety, thus G.H.S. received a large contingent of them. But after the war was over, these children went back and the G.H.S. population dwindled.


Thus in 1948, the U.S.O. decided to reconstruct the house system. The students were divided into the Blue House and White House (the colours of the school)

Flags were introduced and students wore a house badge.


In 1956 there was a reshuffling of the houses and the Gold House was added. Again, in the 1961 reshuffle, the green House was introduced. In the 70’s the White House became the Red House.

Today, each house has a Captain and a Vice Captain for the boys and the same for the girls, Each house has a motto too.


BLUE- Ever Excel

House Mistress- Mrs. Archana Massey 

House Master- Mr. Pramod Gupta

RED- Nil Desperandum

House Mistress- Mrs. Sakshi Sharma

House Master- Mr. Sanjay Mitra

GOLD- To greater heights

House Mistress- Mrs. Nidhi Jaiswal

House Master- Mr. Andy Dias

GREEN- Vincit Qui Se Vincit

Each house has also a symbol drawn on the flag.

House Mistress- Mrs. Geeta Srivastava

House Master- Mr. Ali Raza


BLUE- Dragon

RED- American Eagle

GOLD- Flying Eagle

GREEN- Flaming torches


The house system promotes and fosters the ideals of the school and inculcates, in each child, a sense of discipline, responsibility and cooperation.


G.S.S. Gaur